SIA Top-Up Training for Close Protection

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Course Overview

The SIA Top-Up Training for Close Protection course is designed to update and enhance the skills of existing close protection operatives. This training ensures that participants are up-to-date with the latest industry standards, legal requirements, and practical techniques necessary for effective close protection work. Successful completion of this course allows operatives to renew their SIA Close Protection license.

Course content

Latest changes in laws and regulations affecting close protection
Legal responsibilities and use of force
Enhanced defensive and restraint techniques
Safe escorting and evacuation procedures
First aid and emergency response updates
Coordinating with emergency services
De-escalation strategies
Managing high-risk situations
Real-life simulations and role-playing exercises
Application of new techniques in controlled environments


This course is ideal for currently licensed close protection operatives who need to renew their SIA license and update their skills.

Participants must hold a current SIA Close Protection license and have basic literacy and communication skills in English.

The certification is valid for 3 years, in line with the SIA licensing requirements.

The course lasts 5 days and costs £350, including all training materials, assessment fees, and certification.

You can book your spot through our booking page or by contacting us at contact information.

Bring a valid ID, your current SIA Close Protection license, and any personal protective equipment if preferred.